Why ST-D BT SERIES amps are the perfect modern day amplifiers

Over the years, ampli­fiers have evolved sig­nif­i­cantly and today they are much more than an elec­tronic device for man­ag­ing audio sig­nals. Today, ampli­fiers use dig­i­tal switch­ing sup­plies instead of the tra­di­tional lin­ear power trans­former based sup­plies. This has enabled them to shed about half of their weight. Today, ampli­fiers weigh between ten and twenty two pounds. Over the years, var­i­ous cir­cuit designs have emerged. These include AB designs, Class G designs, Class H designs, and Class D designs.

Pop­u­lar choices for com­pres­sion dri­vers, AB designs pro­vide mediumST64DBT_side1 effi­ciency low dis­tor­tion at mod­er­ate power lev­els for high fidelity. Using the input audio sig­nal, Class D ampli­fiers employ Pulse Width Mod­u­la­tion. The pur­pose of these ampli­fiers is switch­ing the out­put devices at ultra­sonic fre­quen­cies and then using a low-pass fil­ter to fil­ter these fre­quen­cies. These ampli­fiers cause min­i­mal dis­tor­tion, have good fre­quency response, and are extremely effi­cient. A sec­ond out­put stage is what Class G ampli­fiers uti­lize. When louder input sig­nal require it, these ampli­fiers turn on the sec­ond out­put stage. The input audio sig­nal con­trols the DC power sup­ply of Class H ampli­fiers that use a sin­gle out­put stage.

The last but def­i­nitely not the least of the ampli­fiers intro­duced in recent times are Class D ampli­fiers. High audio per­for­mance and high effi­ciency are the two things you can expect from these ampli­fiers. Today, ampli­fiers encom­pass have many ‘mod­ern’ day capa­bil­i­ties. An exam­ple of such ampli­fiers would be a Blue­tooth ampli­fier that allows you to stream music from your com­puter, tablet, or cell phone to your speak­ers. These ampli­fiers are light­weight, fea­ture state of the art tech­nol­ogy and have an advanced audio receiver.

Fur­ther­more, they deliver a good amount of RMS power to your speak­ers, ensure low audio dis­tor­tion, and enable energy effi­ciency. Some of these ampli­fiers even fea­ture in-built cool­ing sys­tems. How­ever, the best and impor­tant thing about these ampli­fiers is the high qual­ity music that they pro­duce. If you’re look­ing for a ‘mod­ern’ day ampli­fier then there isn’t a bet­ter choice than Zapco’s ST-D BT ampli­fiers. Housed in a small chas­sis, ST-D BT ampli­fiers pro­duced big power. Apart from being pow­er­ful, these ampli­fiers pro­duce great sound. These ampli­fiers encom­pass all the advanced fea­tures such as a dash remote con­trol fea­ture and Blue­tooth stream­ing capa­bil­i­ties. With these ampli­fiers, you can stream music to your speak­ers from your iPad or Smart Phone. Fur­ther­more, they have pre­amp out­puts, RCA and speaker level inputs, bass boost, and crossovers.

ST-D BT ampli­fiers are extremely effi­cient. You’ll find two 4-channel units with 640W and 320W RMS. You’ll also find 2, 4, or 5– chan­nel with 1100W RMS. For­tu­nately for you, Atrend is tak­ing orders on these items.

These ampli­fiers are avail­able on Atrend’s web­site. Atrend is the mas­ter dis­trib­u­tor for ampli­fiers, sub­woofer, coax­ial, com­po­nent speak­ers, crossovers etc, and you can find infor­ma­tion about these prod­ucts on their website.

Understanding why DC series amplifiers are a class above the rest

DC series ampli­fiers are dig­i­tal pro­cess­ing ampli­fiers. Dig­i­tal ampli­fiers cre­ated quite a stir when they first made an appear­ance in 1998. Dur­ing that time, peo­ple espe­cially car audio enthu­si­asts hailed its ease of use and per­for­mance. Great per­for­mance and ease of use are two things that define dig­i­tal ampli­fiers even today. Com­pared to an ana­log proces­sor, a dig­i­tal audio proces­sor has a sig­nif­i­cantly higher repro­duc­tion qual­ity. There are sev­eral advan­tages of using dig­i­tal proces­sors. This includes bet­ter con­fig­ura­bil­ity, high effi­ciency, noise immu­nity, and fine detail.


Fur­ther­more, you can make quick changes with­out much impact as dig­i­tal proces­sors are now soft­ware cen­tric. In a short period of time, dig­i­tal ampli­fiers have come a long way and are set­ting the tone for future audio ampli­fier tech­nol­ogy. Dig­i­tal audio proces­sors allow you to con­trol the speaker in a pre­cise man­ner. This enables the dig­i­tal maps to pro­duce very fine detail and high qual­ity reproduction.

Most audio enthu­si­asts have a basic under­stand­ing of what an ampli­fier does. How­ever, not every­one knows the dif­fer­ence between the work­ing of an ana­log proces­sor and the work­ing of dig­i­tal amp. Since we’re dis­cussing dig­i­tal ampli­fiers here, we’ll only take a look at the work­ing of a dig­i­tal processor.

Basi­cally, a dig­i­tal (Class D) ampli­fier takes an incom­ing ana­log sig­nal and con­verts it into a dig­i­tal rep­re­sen­ta­tion com­prised of pulse widths. Dig­i­tal ampli­fiers are essen­tially switch­ing ampli­fiers. A source com­po­nent such as a DVD player, a CD player, or an iPod is where a dig­i­tal ampli­fier receives its dig­i­tal sig­nal from. A lin­ear plus code for­mat is what this dig­i­tal sig­nal is usu­ally in. A pulse width mod­u­la­tion (PWM) for­mat is what the ampli­fier con­verts the sig­nal into after receiv­ing it from the com­po­nent source.

After this, the high-frequency part of the PWM sig­nal is removed by an out­put fil­ter. This results in the orig­i­nal audio sig­nal being restored. In order to ensure suc­cess, it is impor­tant to keep the tim­ing and align­ment of the sig­nal con­stant through­out the process. Dig­i­tal ampli­fiers ensure qual­ity sound and the best dig­i­tal amps avail­able today are Zapco’s Dc series ampli­fiers. The DC series ampli­fiers have a stealth fighter look and pro­duce a clean and pow­er­ful sound. These ampli­fiers fea­ture an envi­able con­trol pro­gram. These ampli­fiers allow you to run an active three-way sys­tem and they have a full DSP on each chan­nel. Fur­ther­more, they allow you to hear one chan­nel at a time and you can adjust the res­o­lu­tion to less than 3 mm.

You can use the VSE band to keep your flat responses the same as you tuned it if your sys­tem changes the response at a given vol­ume. DC series ampli­fiers are the best dig­i­tal pro­cess­ing ampli­fiers avail­able today and they are extremely afford­able. The good news for you is that Atrend is tak­ing orders on these items.

You can find these ampli­fiers on Atrend’s web­site. Atrend is the mas­ter dis­trib­u­tor for ampli­fiers, sub­woofer, coax­ial, com­po­nent speak­ers, crossovers etc, and you can find infor­ma­tion about these prod­ucts on their website.

Understanding how Monoblock amps work and why Zapco’s ST-500 DM are the best

Monoblock ampli­fiers are two sep­a­rate ampli­fiers. One ampli­fier is meant for the right chan­nel while the other one is meant for the left. For a stereo sys­tem, two monoblocks are required. The abil­ity to sep­a­rate two chan­nels into mono or sep­a­rate sys­tems is what monoblocks have. As each chan­nel uses its own power sup­ply, Monoblocks allow you to reduce crosstalk between chan­nels. You can also reduce the ‘required’ length of your speaker cables by plac­ing your amps closer to the speakers.

Zapco’s ST-500 DM How­ever, depend­ing on where you place your amps you’ll still need longer inter­con­nects and two sets of power cords. A higher rated power flow is what the dif­fer­ent sys­tems of the sep­a­rated stereo sig­nal can have. Monoblocks ensure that the two dif­fer­ent chan­nels on the same sys­tem do not need sep­a­rate power. They also ensure that actual cur­rent val­ues do not change. All of this leads to bet­ter sound qual­ity. Monoblocks are an excel­lent way to go if you have the required cash and room.

The cost and earth­ing arrange­ment of monoblock ampli­fiers are the only dis­ad­van­tages they have. In most ampli­fiers, both chan­nels are tied to the same earth point by a stereo power. Since they’re sep­a­rate, monoblock amps don’t have this. A slight dif­fer­ence in amp sound (noise or dis­tor­tion) is caused by a dif­fer­ence in earth poten­tial. This is the rea­son it is rec­om­mended that you plug in the monoblock as close to one another as pos­si­ble. For exam­ple, you should plug in the monoblocks next to each other if you’re using a 4-way block.

There are many monoblock amps avail­able today. Among the best ones is Zapco’s ST-500 DM. These great sound­ing amps are an engi­neer­ing mar­vel. These ampli­fiers have con­trol and fil­ter­ing sys­tems that ensure great sound qual­ity. Fur­ther­more, these amps are equipped with mod­ern day fea­tures. These amps have the per­fect size and can fit into smaller cars. How­ever, the sound of this ampli­fier isn’t com­pro­mised in order to fit it into the small cars. These ampli­fiers are incred­i­bly pow­er­ful and give you 400watts RMS. The amps pro­duce qual­ity sounds and fea­ture all the essentials.

ST-500 DM ampli­fiers have speaker level inputs, 18Db crossovers, and optional remote level con­trols. How­ever, these amps do not have the best aes­thet­ics so if you’re look­ing for an ampli­fier with ‘looks’ then you bet­ter look else­where. On the other hand, these amps are worth your money if you want reli­able power and great sound. These amps have less than 90dB sig­nal to noise and 0.05% THD+noise ratio. In short, these ampli­fiers are quite awe­some and you would be miss­ing out on some­thing great if you do not get them for your­self. If you’re look­ing to buy these amps then you’re in luck as Atrend is tak­ing orders on these items.

These ampli­fiers are avail­able on Atrend’s web­site. Atrend is the mas­ter dis­trib­u­tor for ampli­fiers, sub­woofer, coax­ial, com­po­nent speak­ers, crossovers etc, and you can find infor­ma­tion about these prod­ucts on their website.

What Makes Vector Series Subwoofers The Best For Your Car

The days when songs used to blast from a sin­gle car radio speaker are long gone. Today, car audio sys­tems fea­ture enough vol­ume to rival oz-12in-800-watt-side-anglefighter jets along with thou­sands of watts of power, mul­ti­ple speak­ers, and full range repro­duc­tion. Using a ded­i­cated low-frequency repro­duc­tion, sub­woofers add an extra dimen­sion to your car’s audio sys­tem. Today, there are many sub­woofer options avail­able whether you want to buy a ready-made sub­woofer or are look­ing to cus­tomize it accord­ing to your needs.

You may find choos­ing the right sub­woofer for your­self chal­leng­ing if you don’t have much knowl­edge about car audio sys­tems and its parts. The rea­son for this is that there are so many sub­woofer options avail­able today that one can eas­ily get con­fused. Now, you might be won­der­ing how you can  pick the right sub­woofer for your­self. Well, the best way to find the right sub­woofer is scour­ing the inter­net and look­ing at the reviews of peo­ple who bought the best sub­woofers in the mar­ket. In order to make things easy for you, I will rec­om­mend to you the best car sub­woofers avail­able today. The sub­woofers we will rec­om­mend to you are Vec­tor series subwoofers.

What makes Vec­tor series sub­woofers the best, you ask? Well, we have com­piled a list of its promi­nent fea­tures which will def­i­nitely answer your ques­tion. Here they are:

  • They offer hyper sur­round for max­i­mum lin­ear excur­sion and con­trol of cone motion
  • They fea­ture alu­minum voice coil for­mer cou­pled with a pro­pri­etary black cone. This “trans-vection” tech­nol­ogy enables the cone to act as a heat sink for added cool­ing of the voice coil
  • Resin-impregnated dual flat poly-cotton spi­ders with spacer ring
  • Pre­ci­sion CNC-machined, low car­bon steel motor structure
  • Opti­mized for small sealed, ported or band­pass type enclosures
  • Nickel-plated spring loaded push ter­mi­nals retains large AWG wire
  • Include:
  • In order to ensure increased damp­en­ing, they fea­ture powder-coated baskets
  • Extended coil wind­ings and match­ing top plates for increased Xmax
  • Dual 2-ohm and dual 4-ohm voice coils avail­able for max­i­mum instal­la­tion flexibility
  • Cus­tom highly pol­ished, laser etched back plate
  • Flat attached” cone/surround reduces dis­tor­tion at max­i­mum excur­sion and improved reliability

After you have con­sid­ered your bud­get, the type of sys­tem you are try­ing to build, your space lim­i­ta­tions and the sub­woofer spec­i­fi­ca­tions that fit your cri­te­ria, you will be ready to choose the right sub­woofer for your­self. How­ever, you can save your­self from all this trou­ble by choos­ing vec­tor series sub­woofers. They are an engi­neer­ing mar­vel and you can find more about them on Atrend’s web­site. Atrend is the mas­ter dis­trib­u­tor of ampli­fiers, sub­woofer, and many other prod­ucts, and you can find detailed infor­ma­tion about these prod­ucts on their website.


The ampli­fier you get for your car deter­mines the sound qual­ity of its audio sys­tem. When shop­ping for an ampli­fier, it is impor­tant that ST2X_1Lyou do not pick the first amp that you come across or the first one you find aes­thet­i­cally appeal­ing. If you want to be proud of your ampli­fier the next day you wake up after buy­ing it then there are a few things that you need to ensure. These things include the amplifier’s power out­put, total Har­monic Dis­tor­tion + Noise, sig­nal to noise ratio, crosstalk and inputs.

Look at speaker sen­si­tiv­ity to deter­mine the appro­pri­ate power out­put. For Har­monic Dis­tor­tion + Noise, lower num­bers are bet­ter while big­ger num­bers are what you want for sig­nal to noise ratio. Finally, for crosstalk, con­sider lower num­bers. Once you’ve con­sid­ered all these things, you will be able to choose the most appro­pri­ate ampli­fier for your­self. How­ever, to make mat­ters sim­ple for you, we are going to rec­om­mend the best ampli­fiers for your car avail­able today; ST-X amplifiers.

What Makes ST-X ampli­fiers the best?
St-X ampli­fiers are specif­i­cally designed for cater­ing to the needs of today’s car audio sys­tem mar­ket. Small and light, these amps are exactly what you need for your car’s audio sys­tem. Even though they are small and light, ST-X ampli­fiers aren’t soft or weak. The sound qual­ity and power that you expect from the best ampli­fiers is what ST-X offers you. You will find it easy to fit in your car as they come with com­pact chas­sis. The low pro­file square chas­sis also ensures that the look of your sys­tem isn’t com­pro­mised and looks as good as it sounds.

The best thing about ST-X ampli­fiers is its sound qual­ity. The right power, the right bass, and the right price are the three things these ampli­fiers offer you. Fur­ther­more, these ampli­fiers are highly reli­able and durable. You can eas­ily shift these ampli­fiers from one car onto another. All of these things make ST-X ampli­fiers per­fect for your car.

Fol­low­ing are some of the fea­tures of ST-X amplifiers”

• They are avail­able in 2, 4 and 5 Chan­nel
• Class A/B
RCA and Speaker Level Inputs
• Vari­able input gain con­trol
• Vari­able elec­tronic crossover
• Auto-on with Speaker level inputs
• Com­pact chas­sis
• Vari­able bass boost con­trol
• Dash mount remote gain con­trol
SQ Upgrades: Op-amps, Caps, Etc.
• Tiffany style Panel Mount RCA’s

ST– X ampli­fiers are quite high in demand these days, as they offer supe­rior sound qual­ity and are built to last. They are one of the best ampli­fiers that you will find today so buy­ing them for your car makes absolute sense. You can find more about these ampli­fiers on Atrend’s web­site. Atrend is the mas­ter dis­trib­u­tor of ampli­fiers, sub­woofer, and many other products,and you can find infor­ma­tion about these prod­ucts on their website.

The benefits of using Harley Davidson Saddle Bag replacement lids and ways of installing them

A great way to get max­i­mum vol­ume from your bag­ger is using Harley David­son sad­dle­bag replace­ment lids. The lid is blank so you can afg-sbhinstall any speaker as long as it 8″ or smaller. It has the abil­ity to install 5.25″ inch up to 8″ speak­ers as well. In order to keep out the water, the lids fea­ture acousti­cally trans­par­ent hydropho­bic fiber that cov­ers speaker grills. This ensures that rain isn’t a cause of con­cern for you.

These replace­ment lids fit all 1998–2013 Harley bikes with hard bags. How­ever, they won’t fit police edi­tion bags. These sad­dle­bag replace­ment speaker lids are of the high­est qual­ity with a para­mount sound sec­ond to none in the indus­try. They are sold as a pair and include all tether and mount­ing hard­ware as well as a mesh grill.

These were some of the ben­e­fits of using Harley David­son sad­dle­bag replace­ment lids. If you choose to use Harley David­son sad­dle­bag replace­ment lids, fol­low­ing are the ways of installing them.

Lid prepa­ra­tion

The first step in the instal­la­tion process is lid prepa­ra­tion. In order to do this, start by deter­min­ing the speaker and speaker hole size, and then cut out accord­ingly. Fol­low this by predrilling two holes (1/8”) after flip­ping the lid upside down. Once you’ve done that, send the lid out for paint or paint them yourself.

Remove bags from the bike

The next step is remov­ing the sad­dle­bags from the bike by turn­ing the two twist locks inside the bags.

Remove OEM Lids

The third step involves remov­ing OEM Lids.

 Paint Protectors

Paint pro­tec­tors are defined as the chrome pieces on the lids that slide into the hold-downs. You can either run down to your near­est Harley dealer to pick up a new set or you can give them a lit­tle heat and gen­tly pry them off. Each lid requires two paint protectors.

Install new lids

This step involves doing the oppo­site of what you did while remov­ing OEM lids. In order to pro­tect the fresh paint job, start by lay­ing the lids upside down. The sup­plied gas­ket is what we need to put on first. In order to do that, you sim­ply need to peel and stick them on the latch side.

After this, move onto the paint pro­tec­tors which are also peel and stick. Now, you need to grab the bag and install the latch .With the lid in the open posi­tion, align the latch and the lit­tle metal piece you took off the OEM lid .Also, in order to attach the latch and the new lid use the sup­plied screws.

You can attach the fac­tory tether after you are done doing this. With the help of fac­tory screws, attach the tether into the pre-drilled holes that you did ear­lier. Close and latch the lid when this is done.

Mount your speaker

Mount your speak­ers after you have installed the lids. You can use the mount­ing hard­ware that Harley David­son sad­dle­bag replace­ment lids come with to install the speakers.

Learn more about Atrend and all their prod­ucts at www.atrendusa.com or call 888.734.6333 to inquire.

Understanding the best amplifiers available today

An ampli­fier of some sort is what you will find in almost all auto­mo­tive sound sys­tems. How­ever, most of these aren’t exter­nal. Built into head units, these amps are noth­ing to write home about. The under­pow­ered, built-in amp is one of the chief cul­prits behind the dis­tor­tion you hear when you crank up your stereo vol­ume. The power han­dling char­ac­ter­is­tics of your speak­ers are impor­tant here. How­ever, a good amp is what you should focus on. There are three dif­fer­ent fac­tors that you need to keep in mind when look­ing to upgrade an exist­ing ampli­fier or install a brand new one. These three things include:

  • Sys­tem compatibility
  • Power
  • Chan­nels

In this arti­cle, we will be look­ing at the finest ampli­fiers avail­able in the mar­ket. The things that make these ampli­fiers great include their abil­ity to drive loud sounds while remain­ing rock sta­ble and hav­ing suf­fi­cient reser­voir of power on tap. In sim­ple terms, these ampli­fiers offer power and finesse. Today, you will find many ampli­fiers that fit into the ‘great’ cat­e­gory and deserve an hon­or­able men­tion at the bare minimum.

How­ever, we have nar­rowed down your options to include only those ampli­fiers that we see as an engi­neer­ing mar­vel. These are the vec­tor series ampli­fiers. In order to meet today’s dig­i­tal music demands, musi­cians and engi­neers came together to craft the vec­tor series ampli­fiers. On board diag­nos­tics, Bass EQ and effi­cient power design are the three things these ampli­fiers incor­po­rate. Let’s briefly look at all the fea­tures of the vec­tor series amplifiers.

Understanding the best amplifiers available today Expo­nen­tial power sup­ply (OZXP)

In order to ensure more power using less cur­rent, these ampli­fiers fea­ture a tech­nol­ogy that pro­vides an effi­cient ampli­fier design.

Inter­nal Sys­tems Diag­nos­tic (SD)

These ampli­fiers con­stantly mon­i­tor oper­at­ing con­di­tions with the help of built-in sys­tem diagnostics.

Max­i­mized Out­put stage

In order to pro­vide reli­able cur­rent capa­bil­i­ties far greater than the required level, mul­ti­ple out­put tran­sis­tors are uti­lized by the out­put stages of vec­tor amplifiers.

The vec­tor ampli­fiers fea­ture spe­cial­ized Metal Oxide Field Effect Tran­sis­tor or MOSFET devices. The best in class sys­tem reli­a­bil­ity and per­for­mance and true sonic repro­duc­tion are the things these devices provide.

Bass EQ
You can either cut or boost the low fre­quency bass energy vol­ume with the help of this feature.

Remote Bass Vol­ume Control

You will be able to con­trol the bass level with­out hav­ing to leave the pas­sen­ger or drive com­part­ment as a result of this feature.

You can choose red or blue illu­mi­na­tion with the help of selec­tor switch.

Increas­ing the ampli­tude of a small sig­nal to a use­ful level is the pur­pose of an audio ampli­fier. Also, the ampli­fier main­tains the smaller signal’s detail dur­ing this process. This process is known as lin­ear­ity. In the past decade or so, audio ampli­fiers have expe­ri­enced many advances as a result of the audio market’s ever-changing per­for­mance demands.

There­fore, it is impor­tant for you to know about the dif­fer­ent types of audio ampli­fiers avail­able today. This will help to choose the best audio amp for yourself.

Atrend offers two excep­tional brands that carry Ampli­fiers in their line­ups. With two dis­tinct lev­els of prod­ucts Zapco and OZ Audio prod­ucts have plenty to offer.

Learn more about Atrend and all their prod­ucts at www.atrendusa.com or call 888.734.6333 to inquire.


How to Pick the Right Sized Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosure for your Car

Find­ing the per­fect speaker/subwoofer and sub­woofer enclo­sures for your car should not be a daunt­ing task. Con­tinue read­ing to learn more about how you can pick the right sized speaker and sub-enclosure for your car. Let’s begin!

Car speak­ers are avail­able in dif­fer­ent shapes and size. When upgrad­ing your fac­tory speak­ers, it is crit­i­cally impor­tant to know the cor­rect size of the speaker to make sure you select one that offers the per­fect fit.

untitledDif­fer­ent car mod­els are equipped with dif­fer­ent car sized car speak­ers depend­ing upon where the speaker is fixed in your vehi­cle. The smaller ones that are pri­mar­ily used for vocals are fixed in the front part of the vehi­cle mostly under the dash or in the door.

In addi­tion to front speak­ers, vehi­cles also have rear speak­ers that are big­ger in size and more pow­er­ful. These are usu­ally meant to con­trol bass. How­ever, the car speaker setup is dif­fer­ent in dif­fer­ent cars models.

The Most Com­mon Sizes for Cars
Most car speak­ers are either oval or round in shape. While 6.5’’ car speak­ers are most pop­u­lar among the cir­cu­lar speaker vari­ety and 6 by 9’’ among the oval ones, speak­ers come in a wide range of sizes, including:

•    6’’ speak­ers
•    8 through 10” sub­woofers
•    4*10’’ speak­ers
•    5*7’’ speakers

When choos­ing a sub­woofer or speaker for your vehi­cle and your inten­tion is to place it in an enclo­sure, be mind­ful to choose an enclo­sure that has spec­i­fi­ca­tion that are cor­rect for your sub­woofer or speaker. With­out spend­ing the time to ana­lyze this, your per­for­mance will be greatly diminished.

Atrend offers Sub­woofer Spe­cific Enclo­sures as well as Vehi­cle Spe­cific Enclo­sure guar­an­teed to work in a num­ber of OEM Sub­woofer as well as OEM Car Manufacturers.

Select­ing a Car Sub Woofer Enclo­sure –what you need to know
Select­ing a car sub­woofer enclo­sure can be very chal­leng­ing as dif­fer­ent designs per­form and sound dif­fer­ently. When buy­ing a sub­woofer enclo­sure for our car, you need to take under con­sid­er­a­tion some impor­tant points. These include:

•    The size of the Enclosure

One of the most impor­tant things you need to know when buy­ing a car sub­woofer enclo­sure is its size. Mea­sure the area where you plan to install the enclo­sure before begin­ning your task. If you are lim­ited on space, a slanted sub­woofer enclo­sure would be our best option. The unusual shape of these sub­woofer enclo­sures make them fit per­fectly in unusual places. How­ever, if your car has enough space, wooden enclo­sures would be a good option. These help pro­duce good sound pro­vided there are no gaps in the panels.

•     Sub­woofer Enclo­sure Fea­tures and Specs

Care­fully check the dif­fer­ent specs and fea­tures of the sub­woofer enclo­sure before mak­ing a buy­ing deci­sion. Com­pare it with what you already have and the fea­tures you are look­ing for in your new sub­woofer enclo­sure. Once you have taken into con­sid­er­a­tion the space, the size and its specs, check out all the options you have based on your bud­get and price. You’ll be able to find a num­ber of dif­fer­ent sub­woofer enclo­sures avail­able online that meet your spe­cific require­ments. To make sure you end up buy­ing the per­fect sub­woofer enclo­sure for your car, be sure to con­sult a professional.

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Speaker Boxes and Enclosures — What you need to Know

Per­haps the best way to get rich-sounding, full bass from your car stereo is to add in a sub­woofer. This will not only improve your audio qual­ity, but will add to the impact of your music, irre­spec­tive of the type of music you prefer.

 On the bases of bass style, peo­ple can be cat­e­go­rized into two types – peo­ple who like tight sound, and those who like it boomy. The type of bass your com­po­nent sub­woofer pro­duces is not entirely depen­dent on the woofer alone.

A sub­woofer works best when it is placed inside a box or enclo­sure. With­out a speaker box, you jepordize that bass you have been look­ing for.

0001184_kicker-12-single-spl-vented-l5-l7 Kicker-12″ Sin­gle SPL Vented L5L7

The type of music you like also has a strong impact on the style of bass you pre­fer. The blog dis­cusses dif­fer­ent type of enclo­sures and speaker boxes and the type of music they are best suited for.

  • Sealed Sub­woofer Boxes/Enclosures – for deep sound­ing bass: Sealed enclo­sures com­prise of an air­tight box that holds your sub­woofer. The type of enclo­sure is best suited for tight, pre­cise bass. You can expect a deep bass sound and incred­i­ble power han­dling from sealed enclo­sures. How­ever, since sealed sub­woofer enclo­sures require more power com­pared to ported enclo­sures, using an ampli­fier would be your best bet to improve the qual­ity of sound.
  • Ported Sub­woofer Boxes/Enclosures: for pow­er­ful bass: As the name sug­gests, ported boxes make use of a port or a vent to strengthen low-bass sound. Peo­ple who pre­fer heavy metal, pop or rock music pre­fer using ported boxes since these can pro­duce deeper bass more beau­ti­fully com­pared to sealed boxes. How­ever, ported sub­woofers tend to be quite large, mak­ing them less visu­ally appealing.
Sealed Ported Band­pass– “Say­ing obso­lete in car audio indus­try“
Accu­rate, clean sound Loud sound, less power needed Bang­ing sound at tuned fre­quency ranges
Com­pact design, fits eas­ily in most car model More boom, pulls great air­flow out of the vent mouth Large enclo­sures
More power needed for high volume Works best with an amplifier Ideal for peo­ple who like it extra loud


  • Band­pass Sub­woofer Boxes/Enclosures: for bang­ing sound: These are a cat­e­gory of ported enclo­sures that have been designed to pro­duce max­i­mum impact. In these enclo­sures, the woofer is placed inside a double-chambered enclo­sure (one of these cham­bers is ported, whereas the other cham­ber is sealed), with the sound ema­nat­ing from the ported part of the chamber.

The sound com­ing out has a nar­row fre­quency range and is extra loud. Since these enclo­sures are very effi­cient, they tend to bang. The pow­er­ful bang­ing sound pro­duced by these is per­fect for hard rock, rap and reggae.

It is impor­tant to note that dif­fer­ent sub­woofers work well with dif­fer­ent sub­woofer boxes. Be sure to con­sult a pro­fes­sional ser­vice provider to make sure you end up buy­ing the right enclo­sure for your subwoofer.

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Knowing the different types of Speaker Pods

Mod­ern day speaker pods cre­ate a nigh mag­i­cal aural expe­ri­ence, different types of Speaker Podsmak­ing for the ideal con­di­tions to expe­ri­ence music in all its majesty. With their styl­ish appear­ance and unpar­al­leled per­for­mance, speaker pods com­mand attention.

Com­pared to tra­di­tional speaker design, speaker pods pro­vide a bet­ter mix of form and func­tion, allow­ing you to trans­form and opti­mize your audio expe­ri­ence. The desire to rev­o­lu­tion­ize speak­ers in terms of audio and aes­thet­ics has been birth to cre­atively designed speaker pods. Speaker pods pro­vide a great break­away from tradition.

You can bring music to life and stim­u­late all of your senses with speaker pods of any shape and size. The styl­ish design and supe­rior sound qual­ity of speaker pods make this pos­si­ble, cre­at­ing an atmos­phere that gives joy and inspires. Today, you’ll find speaker pods of many dif­fer­ent shapes, sizes, and func­tions. Fol­low­ing are a few of the many speaker pods you’ll find today.

Blue­tooth Speaker Pods

Blue­tooth speaker pods make for the ulti­mate wire­less music expe­ri­ence. You can use the Blue­tooth speaker pods with your tablet, com­puter, or smart­phone. The stun­ning sound qual­ity of these speaker pods ensures a truly mag­i­cal music experience.

You’ll find the Blue­tooth speak­ers pods quite flex­i­ble. You don’t need a WiFi net­work to make the pods func­tional. Also, they work with every brand and cre­ate a pow­er­ful musi­cal expe­ri­ence. Blue­tooth speaker pods give you the choice of many dif­fer­ent col­ors and come with a wall mount­ing option.

Micro speaker Pods

Don’t let the name con­fuse you. This com­pact sub­woofer is capa­ble of per­form­ing on par with a big-sized speaker sys­tem. Micro speaker pods are ideal to use with both stereo and home the­ater sys­tems. Micro speaker pods serve dual pur­poses. They allow you to hide them from sight as a result of their size and pro­duce a power packed performance.

Micro speaker pods are agile and sub­tle which makes them the ideal sub woofer for movies and music. No mat­ter where you place them, Micro speaker pods will eas­ily inte­grate into the space and pro­duce a truly cap­ti­vat­ing lis­ten­ing experience.

Wall mounted Speaker Pods

In order to sus­pend the speak­ers on ceil­ings and walls, wall mounted speaker pods func­tion as a fully adjustable mount. Designed to com­ple­ment the Micro speaker Pod’s aes­thet­ics, wall mounted speaker pods are per­fect for pub­lic spaces as they fea­ture a solid alu­minum spine.

 Float­ing Speaker Pod

If you’re look­ing for a sub woofer for your pool, then the large float­ing speaker or stereo pod is ideal for you. With the float­ing speaker pod, you can sun­bathe in the pool and enjoy the music at the same time.

The four above-mentioned speaker pods are just a few of the many avail­able in the mar­ket today. There are plenty of options avail­able to suit every person’s indi­vid­ual preferences.

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