Make Some Noise | Best Bass Tracks for Hip Hop

Need some­thing to bump to? We’ve done some dig­ging and found a pretty good com­pi­la­tion that was put together on You Tube. It brings the boom for the hip hop bass heads:

We’ve got the tracks for each song below as well.

10– E-40– My Shit Bang
9– Dr. Dre & Eminem– For­got About Dre
8– E-40 ft. Tech N9NE– Fried
7– Lil Wayne– Play­ing With Fire
6– Tech N9NE– Nothin
5– Tim­ba­land– Bounce
4– Waka Flocka– Grove ST Party
3– Wiz Khal­ifa– Say Yeah
2– Soulja Boy– Vam­pire Gang
1– Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Busta Rhymes — Look at me Now

So what do you think? Have any tracks you love to bump to?

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