• OzXp (Exponential Power Supply)
    Exclusive new technology which provides a far more efficient amplifier design for more power using less current
  • SD (internal Systems Diagnostic)
    Built-in system diagnostics to constantly monitor operating conditions
  • MOS (Maximized Output Stage)
    The output stages in all Oz Audio amplifiers utilize multiple output transistors to provide reliable current capabilities far in excess of what is required
    Specialized MOSFET (Metal Oxide Field Effect Transistor) devices provide true sonic reproduction and best-in-class system performance and reliability
  • Vari-Color
    Selector switch allows you to choose blue or red illumination
  • Bass EQ
    Enables user to either boost or cut the volume of low frequency bass energy
  • Remote Bass Volume Control
    Enables user to control the level of bass without having to leave the driver or passenger compartment


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