Shipping & Returns

Consumer shipping & Returns information

Single item shipments are delivered via UPS (Ground, 2nd air or overnight delivery) Any items that are received in a damaged condition must be notified to Atrend within 14 day of receiving product. All claims must be sent to and must include an image of said damage.

Once it is determined that shipping damage is the cause a refund in the form of a replacement or full credit refund will be applied. Atrend consumers have the right to call 888.734.6333 for claim and refund questions.


Dealer & Distributor claims information

Damages, Shortages, & Warranty Claims Procedures

What does Atrend require to honor a damage or shortage claim?

Damages / Shortages Must Be Notated on The Bill of Lading. No exceptions.

What is Atrend doing to help when we receive product?

Delivery Carriers Must Wait For Client To Sign The Bill of Lading. Check All Product Before Signing

We Can Request A Delivery Appointment For $10. Allowing Our Customers Be Ready To Receive

What does the client do when they receive damaged or short product?

Damaged Goods

            - Notate all damages on the Bill of Lading prior to signing it.

            - Refuse all damaged goods to the delivering carrier.

            - Notify Atrend about damages and provide copy of signed bill of lading.


            - A piece count is provided on our Bill of Lading. Please confirm piece count prior to signing    

              Bill of Lading.

            - Notate all shortages on the Bill of Lading prior to signing it.

            - Notify Atrend about shortages and provide copy of signed bill of lading.

 Warranty Issues      

­­­­­            -Fill In Atrend claim form

            -Provide picture of product showing visible issue.

 Atrend will provide a credit number for all shortages, damages, or warranty items.